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1. Come & Try Days
IKC runs come and try days throughout the year so you can "try before you buy"

2. Apply for a Licence & Join a Club
Joining a Karting Australia Affiliated Club will give you access to that club’s circuit for practice, as well as allowing you to participate in any Club events.

3. Purchase a Kart & Safety Gear
There are kart shops and karting businesses right across Australia. The club can help point you in the right direction.

Karting is competitive, but it is also fun and family orientated, with involvement in the sport both on and off the track giving it a strong feeling of community.

For those aiming at a career in motorsport, almost everyone who races cars started racing in Karts – it’s the best fun you will have on four wheels.  Our come and try days are free and designed to introduce you to the sport and our club community. You’ll get the opportunity to hop into a kart and do some laps, explore the karts and engines, plus ask questions of our members. 

Register below for the next Come and Try Day

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Many people associate karting with young drivers, but adults are also very active in karting. People of all ages can enjoy the sport with children as young as six getting behind the wheel. Karting teaches these children – both boys and girls – basic driving skills well before they are able to obtain their road licence.

Race meetings take place at tracks across Australia every weekend at four levels – Club, Zonal, State or National.

Looking for more information about how to get started in Karting? We would be happy to help! For any questions regarding points, please feel free to contact us.

Russell Innes
Mobile: 0402 584 486

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